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08 Dec 2017


IFA Video Clips from the October 26th Election.   Click on the images for video clips. Identity Crisis Voter...

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27 Oct 2017

ELECTION NEWS: Kenya’s Early R…

    October 27, 2017 Kenya’s Early Results Raise Concerns Early results from Kenya’s fresh election conf...

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26 Oct 2017

ELECTION NEWS: Kenya’s Elector…

    October 26, 2017 Kenya’s Electoral Dysfunction: Fear and Boycott affects Turnout  Kenya was uns...

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InformAction is a unique human rights organization that uses film and community discussions to get ordinary people to speak out and take action. We operate through mobile field teams – using a car, screen, projector and camera - to show films to thousands of ordinary people throughout Kenya every week, facilitating discussions on justice and governance, and the creation of Community Action Teams that speak power to truth, demanding for accountability and good governance at all levels of Government.

Since 2010, InformAction (IFA) has empowered hundreds of thousands of Kenyans in rural and marginalized areas, profiling the demands for change through innovative media and action. It has focused on impunity, governance, and justice for victims of political violence. In an environment that has become increasingly difficult for civil society and free expression, we use our...