Laikipia: School boys shot by KDF

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School boys shot by KDF 
Rumuruti, Laikipia County 
29 August, 2017

Two young school boys shopping for their return to school were shot today by KDF soldiers in Rumuruti town. 

14 year old Lekupuru Leyagu was shot in the head and died immediately. 11 year old Loitipitit Lenasopu was shot in the pelvis and legs and admitted in a critical condition to Unison Medical Center, Rumuruti. He is awaiting transfer.









14 year old school boy shot by KDF

By 3.30pm the community was vocal in it’s protest and grief, surrounding the police station. Police told IFA that one of the KDF soldiers had been arrested, but reporters and family could find no evidence that an arrest had been made. 


Rumuruti DCIO addressing angry residents






KDF soldiers ‘took over’ the police station immediately after the shooting and tried to prevent reporters taking pictures, but retreated to their operational base outside Rumuruti by late afternoon. 

According to eye witnesses, the two soldiers shot the boys after emerging from a local hotel late morning.


The truck used by the KDF soldiers who shot the boys.








The injured boy

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